Surrendering a Pet

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Our goal is for every pet to have a permanent, lifelong home; however, we understand that life circumstances can sometimes make caring for an animal difficult.

If you are struggling with a behavior issue, we encourage you to visit Dog Star Daily and DDFL, and to work with local animal behaviorists. In addition, it would be helpful to speak with your veterinarian to see if you may be able to resolve the issue or if there are underlying medical conditions.

Adoption through the Lincoln County Animal Shelter

If you can no longer keep your pet, we accept animals from Lincoln County residents. Please call (541) 265-6610, ext. 6 to make an appointment.  On the day of the appointment, bring the animal along with recent veterinary records. To help us understand your pet, please fill out an incoming dog profile or cat owner questionnaire (see attachments below).

LCAS is a managed admission shelter, meaning we do not euthanize animals to make room for another.  If space is not immediately available, we will ask to include you on our surrender wait list. If it is an emergency, we are able to find a solution. While there may be a short wait at times, you will have peace of mind knowing that your surrendered pet will also be with us until they find their new, loving home. We do accept all animals regardless of health and behavior issues.

By law, we immediately accept all stray/lost dogs.  If you have found a lost dog, please call the Shelter at 541-265-6610, or Dispatch at 541-265-0777.  We accept stray/lost cats by appointment--we would like to speak with you about the circumstances because sometimes it is hard to determine who is lost, is homeless, or is an owned pet on a walkabout.  We immediately accept all sick and injured cats.

LCAS does not place any time limits on an animal's stay. A dog or cat may stay until a new home is found--even if it takes days, weeks or months.  However, we do euthanize if medically it is in the best interest of the animal, if there is a risk of disease transmission to our current population, or for unmanageable and unsafe behavior issues.

Surrender Fees*

Fees are not required for stray or owned animals. We always welcome donations!

If you are considering euthanasia, we encourage you to speak with your veterinarian. If this is not possible, please contact us to discuss arrangements and fees.

Abandoning an Animal is a Crime

Do not simply abandon your unwanted animals. It is a crime, and it puts the animal at risk for injury or death. Animals need shelter, food, medical care, and love – they trust their people to take care of them or to find another family who will make a life-long commitment for their care.

The Lincoln County Animal Shelter is willing to work with you to help ensure animals are safe.

Rehoming Options

If you would like to try to place your pet on your own, it is usually best to find someone through your own network of friends, neighbors, and co-workers first. 

Adopt-a-Pet has launched the Rehome program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another.

The Central Coast Humane Society may be willing to post your animal on their Petfinder website in order for potential adopters to know about your pet while he or she remains in your home.  Please leave a message with CCHS at 541-265-3719 for more information.  CCHS is a volunteer organization that does not operate a shelter.  You will need to leave a message, so please speak clearly and leave your phone number. 

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