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It's amazing how quickly life can change! Several weeks ago, over two dozen dogs and puppies were taken to the Animal Shelter with severe matting and open wounds, covered in feces. The amazing veterinarians and techs at Grove Veterinary Clinic and Newport Veterinary Hospital immediately made time to sedate and shave them, and prescribe their treatment plans. The shelter staff has been spending hours with them all every day--giving them love, medical care, baths, and helping them adjust to a new way of life. They are learning about all sorts of things like snuggles from people, comfy blankets, fun toys, and going potty outside.  They have come such a long way, with more healing to go. Many have already found new families, and more will be ready to find new homes over the next month as they become medically stable. Thank you to everyone who has donated funds and supplies to help change the lives of these sweet little pups!

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