Lost and Found

Lincoln County Animal Shelter takes in stray and lost dogs, cats, and will do our best to accommodate all other domestic animals such as potbellied pigs, rats, ferrets, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. Please ID your pet through licensing, microchips, and collars with tags to ensure we can reunite you with your furry friend.

Lost Animals
  • Ask family, friends, and neighbors to help search for your pet as soon as you realize your pet is missing. Be sure to do an exhaustive physical search around your house and in your neighborhood.
  • Call us at 541-265-6610 or email lcanimalshelter@co.lincoln.or.us to be added to our lost animal database. Please be sure to include a photo and description, including the day and area where they were lost. We will call you if an animal matching the description is found.
  • Visit the Missing Pet Partnership website for ideas about how to find your lost pet to make sure you are searching based upon your pet's personality. Place clothing, toys, litter box, and other items familiar to your pet outside in your yard. 
  • Add your pet's photo and description to your social media sites and post a photo and description, including the day and area where they were lost, at www.facebook.com/LincolnCountyLostandFoundPets.
  • Place a “lost pet” ad in Craigslist and in local papers including NewsTimes, NewsGuard, NewsLincolnCounty.com, and LincolnCountyDispatch.com.  
  • Use the ASPCA Pet Safety App.
  • Put signs around the neighborhood or area where your pet was last seen, at veterinary offices, and at pet supply stores. Include a photo and description of your pet, your phone number, and when your pet was last seen.
  • You may also use companies such as PawBoost, Lost My Doggie, Pet Amber Alert, Find Toto, or Sherlock Bones that will call your neighbors and send alerts to veterinarians and animal shelters.
  • Hire pet detectives such as K9 Search and Rescue.
Found Animals

If you find a lost animal, please give them the same kindness that you'd hope someone would give your pet if they were lost. We immediately accept all dogs and sick/injured cats. Through our experience, we have discovered that what many people consider to be stray/lost cats are simply someone's outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat.  If you believe you have found a lost cat who is otherwise healthy, please call to have the cat added to the lost and found database and to make an appointment to bring the cat to us if that cat does not leave your area.  

If you find a lost dog, or any sick/injured companion animal, please call the Animal Shelter at 541-265-6610 x 6 and/or Dispatch to reach an Animal Services Deputy at 541-265-0777. Animal Shelter staff are available 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day (and until 1:00 on holidays). Please call Dispatch after hours. If finders would like to adopt, they are given the right of first refusal if owners do not claim their pet. 

Help Find a Pet's Owner
You can help find the owner by posting signs around the area you found the animal, at your local veterinarian hospitals, and at the Shelter. Bringing lost pets to the Animal Shelter is safest for the animal, it protects your pets, and protects you from legal liability. If you choose to hold onto the animal while you are looking for the owner, please contact us to report the found animal. You should also have the animal scanned for microchip identification at the Shelter or a veterinarian's office. 

Stray Animals at the Shelter

Holding Period
If an animal comes to us with no identification, they are held as stray for 72 hours. If an animals comes to us with identification, they are held as stray for 120 hours. If an owner does not claim a lost pet, we will evaluate them for transfer or adoption. In an effort to find owners, we search our lost/found database, call all numbers on tags, search for a microchip, search internet postings, post on social media, and call nearby shelters if we suspect animals may have traveled. All stray animals who do not have identification are posted on www.facebook.com/LincolnCountyLostandFoundPets.

Fee to Reclaim Your Dog
If your dog is licensed, we will waive the first impound fee.  The fee for reclaiming your lost dog for the first time is $30 for altered and $50 for unaltered; the second time is $60 for altered and $100 for unaltered; the third is $90 and $150 for unaltered; and so on. The boarding fee is $10 per night. Payment plans may be available. 

Fee to Reclaim Your Cat
The fee for reclaiming your lost cat is $15, and the boarding fee is $10 per night.

Licensing upon Redemption
All dogs in Lincoln County must be licensed--it is the law, but it also helps us reunite you with your animals. If your dog is not currently licensed, please bring your proof of rabies vaccination at the time of redemption.  If your dog is not currently vaccinated, you will need to pay a license deposit ($5 if altered, $35 if not altered) and have 15 days to provide proof of rabies vaccination.